Local Ordinances

- After reviewing the procedures and basic responsibilities of local government, it is now your task to take on the role of a member of the Fairfield Town Council or a concerned citizen who is trying to get an ordinance passed and.

- Your task is two-fold: assume the position of a Council member, and vote on whether or not to enact or 'veto' a law presented to you by a concerned citizens group. Each Board will consist of 5-7 students who will vote to determine whether or not your ordinance will go into effect and become legal.
- Secondly, who must assume the role of a concerned citizen, and propose a local ordinance to your town's board. Please use the following links, as well as the instructions and rubric, to help you complete this assignment. All materials and resources required can be found below (although you can, if you wish, use other sources as well).

The template for this activity is listed below. Additional links provide information for each town.

Local Ordinance Template

Local Activity Website

- Use this website as a resource for local activities. You may also visit your own town's website by clicking one of the following links:

Albion Town Website
Benton Town Website
Clinton Town Website
Fairfield Town Website

To download this website, click the files below: