Federalists v. Anti-Federalists:

Debate for a New Constitution


Please use the following websites, along with your WTP book, to help research your position (Federalist or Anti-Federalist). While your research is not limited to the following sites, they should provide you with the necessary information to help you prepare for the debate.

Selected Resources

Constitutional Arguments: Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists
A brief summary of the Federalist & Anti-Federalist arguments, compiled with several helpful quotes from prominent members of each "political party."

Federalist & Anti-Federalist T-Charts
Two helpful T-Charts, comparing each group's position on the new Constitution, as well as their positions on the ratification process. Another helpful T-Chart compares the Articles of Confederation with the new, proposed Constitution that developed as a result of the 1787 Philadelphia Convention.

Federalist Papers: Spark Notes
- This page does a good job of summarizing the main points for each of the Federalist Papers written. While it only applies to Federalist arguments, it may be good idea to check it out if you are an Anti-Federalist as well. I recommend reading the reviews for Federalist 2, 10, 58, & 84.

Main Issues: Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists
- A list of the Anti-Federalists' main issues over ratification of the Constitution. Chart also shows the responses provided by Federalists to each complaint. Several complaints and responses provide citation from The Federalist and the Anti-Federalist Papers.

SlideShare Presentations: Federalists & Anti-Federalists
- Informative and brief slideshow going over the debate between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. PowerPoint is set up to answer essential questions about the debate. You can choose which question (or part) of the slide show you would like to view. Great info on The Federalist.

US Constitutional Topics: Federalists & Anti-Federalists
A site devoted to the US Constitution. This site offers great summaries of each group, as well as helpful links, timelines, primary sources, and graphics.

Works Cited Website

MLA Citation Generator.
- Please use this website to complete the citation for your Works Cited page. Each citation must follow the MLA format. This site allows you to enter in information, and it will automatically generate this information into the correct MLA citation format.