Current Events


Current Event Template

- You may use this template to help you complete the Current Event assignment. You can print it out to hand write your Current Event or save it to your computer and type in the information. Remember to delete the lines if you are typing!!

Current Event Resources

Please use the following websites to help locate Current Events. The websites are categorized as to what type of news (local, state, national) they provide. Please note that if you use any of these websites for your Current Event assignments, I must have either a printed copy of the web page or the URL written on your assignment.

Bangor Daily News
News Type: National, State, Bangor Area

News Type: National, Economics, Government, Politics

Daily Bulldog
News Type: National, State, Farmington Area

Kennebec Journal
News Type: National, State, Augusta Area

Morning Sentinel
News Type: National, State, Waterville Area

New York Times Co.
News Type: National, Economics, Northeast

Portland Press Herald
News Type: National, State, Greater Portland Area

United States Government
News Type: National, Government

Yahoo! News
News Type: National, Economics, Government, Politics, Sports

Upfront Magazine
News Type: National, International, Economics, Government, Opinion