1st Day in Congress:

Web Search & Summary

- Your task is to assume the role of a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. As a newly elected official that is arriving for your first day of work, you will answer several questions to get a better understanding of how Congress operates and functions on a daily basis.
- Please use the following links to complete the activities over their respective topics. Below each link is a description of the activity, as well as the accompanying worksheet.

1st Day in Congress Activity

- Please use this link to complete an online simulation of what its like during the first day of a congressional session. Use this link to complete Questions 1-7 on your worksheet.

Tour the House Floor

- This is a virtual tour of the Congressional Chamber. It allows you to move around the chamber, as well as 'zoom in' and click on various objects for more information. Use this link to complete Question 8.